Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dog Food Vs Homecooked Food - Which Is Better

Dog lovers around the world are beginning to prepare the food they serve their dogs rather than purchasing it. This home cooked dog food can conserve the owner cash too and helps their pet in several manners.

This tendency of preparing meals for the dog has grown substantially recently and an increasing number of sites are seeming regular with recipes and interesting tricks.

Are you still buying dog food? if yes, you have to know the truth.

Home Cooked Dog Food vs Commercial Brands

Purchasing dog food commercially is a comparatively recent phenomenon and up until about 1900 dogs were fed with meat and grain bits by their owners. The modern pet food sector started as a method for owners to conserve time with bagged and canned food to serve their pets. These commercial pet foods were not always better for their pets; they were faster and simply more economical than home cooked dog foods.

With the increasing cost of the recalls of tainted merchandises and modern commercial pet food, many pet owners are preparing meals at home because of their pets and have began taking issues into their own hands.

 This home cooked meal is truly better due to their dogs since they are using actual fixings and avoiding all preservatives and the chemical flavorings uncovered in commercial foods. They could even fix these meals to adapt for specific dietary limitations including allergies.

Are Home Cooked Meals Higher Priced?

If this is something that bothers you, dont worry at all. There are ways to lower the costs for homemade meals. while most folks believe commercial dog food is more economical than home cooked dog food. Purchase enough ingredients in bulk to make a couple of these meals, if you know a recipe that the dog enjoys, just make it and freeze it for later use.

You can just warm it later and give it to your dog. It will help in reducing both the expenses and time.

Another important point in favour of home cooked dog food is that one can cook the meals for your dog dog that better align with your own eating food habits. For instance, if you're a vegetarian you'll be able to find some recipes that don't use much chicken and meat when compared to a commercial brand and remain true to your food preferences.

You can be really flexible with the diet of your pet.

Simpler Control Over Your Dog's Diet

This home cooked dog food additionally lets you modify and change the diet according to the requirements. You reduce the calories in winter months when they can be more sedentary and might give them a higher caloric meal in the summertime months when they can be more active. This prevents obesity.

You can even add additions to these meals to help ensure they get all minerals and the vitamins every day.

Just make sure that you make this transition slowly so that your dog adapts to this new diet slowly.

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