Saturday, January 26, 2013

What are meat by products in dog food

All of us love our dogs, right. So why do we give them a diet which we don’t really know much about. Well most of us assume that dog food available in the market is perfect for our pet dogs and that is the best thing we can get for them even if that means getting paying a big bill for all that food. Now we all should be aware of that food and there are quite a few things that we all should know.

First of all dog food can be responsible for many health problems mainly because of the ingredients they have.

Most common ingredients are meat and meat products, fillers like wheat, soy corn and barley and even preservatives and additives to keep them from getting spoiled. Now I wonder, do you know about the meat by products in dog food which are used in the making.

Which meat it is?

Dogs being carnivore or omnivores should have a good portion of proteins in their diet, just as their natural members do. Dogs are the same family as wolves and wolves always eat meat which is one of the best sources of protein. So our pet dogs should have a similar diet or food.

When you are giving dry kibble to our dogs, you should know the ingredients it has. It should always be clearly mentioned on the label.

Unidentified meat or by products can mean meat of dead, slaughtered, uncared animals which can include meat of any animal including horses!

Although adding horse meat is not allowed in USA but it does finds its way in USA pet food market through some routes.

By products can also mean parts of animals which do not find a better use.

For example – chicken feet and necks. You just cannot know about the quality of such things. A lot of such food is too low quality even for consumption of dogs. The best thing you can do is to keep a check on what kind of a meat is added to your dog food.