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Dog Food Secrets and Recipes

We all love our dogs but are we feeding them the right food or a good diet which is needed for their proper growth and health? Or are we putting their health at risk just because it is easy for us!

Know About Dog's Nutrition

Most of us give the same old dog food to our dogs without knowing about the problems it may be causing him. Be it commercial dog food or the home cooked dog food, you should know the essentials for a dog diet.

Dog's Health Is Dependent On His Diet

A dog which doesn't has a good immunity will have infections and health disorders more often and a lot depends on the diet. A good diet can take care of most of such problems. We don’t really tend to get to the root cause of such issues.

A good diet can help in allergies, weight issues, skin disorders and keep your dog in a good health.

About Dog Food Secrets eBook


If you know the importance of homemade dog food and all the benefits it provides, you will love this book by Andrew Lewis. The book has all the information nicely complied for easy reading. There are two main things which are discussed in this book
dog food secrets

1.    Information on diet requirements of your dog – This is very important as most people get it wrong.

2.    Recipes for dog food – There are dozens of healthy recipes for your dog which you can make in no time. This again will save you a lot of time and money.

Most important of them all, you will be able to take care of the health of your dog with the help of dog food secrets book

The recipes also has information on different requirements of different breeds of dogs. You may have a large, medium or small dog, you will find the nutritional requirements and all the combinations in this book. You will exactly know how much carbohydrates, fats and proteins will be needed by your dog.

Commercial food is bad for your dog’s health

Commercial dog food may save you some time but you will definitely be putting the health of your dog at risk with these foods. You may get better quality food with some of the premium brands but then they are expensive and not everyone can afford them. Even with them you are never sure about the quality of ingredients used.

Homemade food is the key

How much we know about the dog food available in the market? Not much I guess. It can be the cause of allergies and other health related issues.

The next best alternative is to feed your dog home cooked food but then you should know about the balanced diet of a dog. It is a lot different than what we have as humans. With a well prepared dog food, you will know exactly what your dog is eating.

Unlike commercial foods, this homemade food is free from any preservatives and chemicals. If your dog requires any special diet, you can easily make the required changes. Some of the special diets can be high fiber dog food, low fat dog food, vegetarian dog food, dog food for sensitive stomachs, low sodium food, hypoallergenic dog food etc. You won’t find the such diets with commercially made dog foods even if they claim so.

Can we give human diet to dogs, instead of making their own recipes? 

Although a lot of people give the same diet to dogs, when talking about homemade food, a dog’s diet and nutritional requirements are very different from humans. You have to be sure of the ingredients or your dog always has the risk of falling sick. Some of us give the same food to our dog as we eat which is not the right approach and is also the number one reason for malnutrition in dogs.

Also, you should always be aware of certain ingredients which are not good for dogs. Garlic, onions and chocolates can be some of these ingredients which you should avoid.

So what should be a dog's diet

Well, you can add good quality proteins like meat, eggs, fruits and veggies to the diet.  If you want to know everything in good detail.Dog Food Secrets by Andrew Lewis is the answer. Not only you get in depth information about dog food but you also get a lot of step by step recipes which can be cooked at home. Most of them are quick easy to make recipes and the best part is that they are healthy as well.

Some of us even remember that in 2007, melamine contaminated pet food was recalled. A lot of pet owners treat their pets as a part of their family and they want them to have the best diet which can keep them health and fit. Dog food secrets will give you insights about the essentials in the dog’s diet.

Most of the commercial dog food is more or less a generic kind of food not suitable for dog which has specific needs. Learn about the food and take some time for your pet to give him a better and healthier life.

Dog Food Secrets Book has a lot of information packed in it – A must for every dog owner

This is one book that has all the information at one place including recipes and treats for dogs. You will find information on diet requirement of specific breeds and dogs of all ages. As a buyer of this book, you also get an opportunity to be a part of a community – Dog Owner’s Club. This is where the members discuss everything about dogs including their diets.

You also get all the updated versions of the book in future for no extra cost, when you buy the gold package.

Here are some recipes from the book -

You will find loads of these recipes in the book

Common Issues with homemade dog food

As compared to buying it from the store or ordering it online, it takes time and some effort to make dog food at home.
If you are buying a cheaper brand, preparing dog food at home may be a bit more expensive.

The book has all these issues covered already. It has strategies which will help you in saving time and money.  Something like buying all the needed ingredients in bulk and freezing up the food can be considered. Refrigerated food is absolutely fine for a week.

Sometimes you have to introduce homemade food to your dog slowly especially with adult dogs who are not used to it. The book covers all such topic in good detail.

Here are some of the benefits of having dog food prepared at home and giving him a proper diet

1.    It will keep your dog healthy and free of diseases.
2.    Well balanced diet will increase the life span of your dog by years.
3.    Your dog will have a healthy coat, skin and teeth.
4.    It will also mean less of bad breath
5.    You will not be serving a pot full of food with chemicals to your dog
6.    It takes same ingredients to make dog food, which means that you don’t have to buy anything extra. If you have a domestic help, they can easily make this at home.

The canned and dried commercial dog foods have only come into existence for the past 50 - 60 years or so. Whereas, dogs have been a part of human existence for centuries. They were fed same things as humans.

Conclusion –

If you really care about your pet and want him to be a part of your life for years to come, you should be giving him a balanced diet. Such diets are very simple to make if you really know what is exactly is required. A lot of pet owners buy readymade food because of lack of knowledge about approaching homemade diets.

Dog Food Secrets Ebook is a very good place to start with this. It covers all the aspects of making dog food at home so nothing is left untouched. No matter which breed you have, this is going to benefit you.

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